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Нефтегазовые технологии ноу

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу Rectangle A Rectangle is a four-sided shape with its opposite sides being equal. FromArgb , , , ; path1.

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу The next example shows a usage of the other technique we discussed: Data value is consuming a serialization format for graphics.

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу Point 10, ; points. Add pathFigure1 ; pathGeometry1.

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу Instead, you use design tools that enable you to work in a design or drawing metaphor on a surface. As with a Polygon , the Points property defines the collection of points that make up the boundary.

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу The rendering logic for a Polygon assumes that you are defining a closed shape and will connect the end point to the start point implicitly. The first segment is a cubic Bezier curve that begins at , and ends at , , which is drawn by using the two control points ,25 and ,

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу The next example shows a usage of the other technique we discussed: That single Geometry is typically a GeometryGroup , which acts as a container that can composite multiple geometry definitions into a single object for purposes of the object model.

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу Add pathSegment2 ; pathFigure1. Add pathGeometry1 ; path1.

Нефтегазовые технологии ноу If your intention is to create a rectangle shape around other content, it might be better to use Border because it can have child content and will automatically size around that content, rather than using the fixed dimensions for height and width like Rectangle does. On the other hand, a Rectangle is probably a better choice for control composition.

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This topic covers mainly the Shape classes. Set the Fill property of the Shape to the Brush you want.

When an Ellipse is positioned in a UI layout, its size is assumed to be the same as a rectangle with that Width and Height ; the area outside the perimeter does not have rendering but still is part of its layout slot size. The main difference between these classes is that a Shape has a brush associated with it and can be rendered to the screen, and a Geometry simply defines a region of space and is not rendered unless it helps contribute information to another UI property.

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